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The first 3rd-person shooter in ZERO G! Live head-to-head multiplayer action over 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth in a fully 3D environment! Run with magnetic boots on walls, ceilings, or leap into space and grapple back to surprise opponents from where they least expect!

GiantEXO-Planet - Game Screenshot GiantEXO-Planet - Game Screenshot


  • The first 3D 3rd-Person shooter played in zero-gravity!
  • Play Capture the Flag, Death Match, or Gauntlet on unique, high-orbital platforms!
  • Inhabit a powerful exo-suit with magnetic boots to navigate the void!
  • Sling your way into enemy territory with a high-strength magnetic grapple!
  • Win matches to earn scrip and upgrade your exo-suit, gear, and weapons!
  • Play 1v1 over Bluetooth
  • Play 2v2 Online over WiFi or 3G
  • Compete against iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad players, all in the same arena!