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Giant Realms: Battle Arena
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Giant Realms: Battle Arena

Breed, train, raise, and battle amazing Giants! Crossbreed them to create rare Leviathans and send them out to battle Giants of other Realms and bring home the gold! Defeat your rivals and bosses to win rare creatures and climb the leader board!

Giant Realms: Battle Arena - Game Screenshot Giant Realms: Battle Arena - Game Screenshot


  • Fully animated 3D! Zoom across your Realm and see every vivid detail in perspective!
  • Lots of amazing Giants to acquire: Elementals, Goliaths, Titans, Colossi, and Behemoth
  • Crossbreed to get rare Giants for your Realm, using up to four parents
  • Discover Secret Strategies to breed the rarest Giants
  • Build Villages and Magic Breweries to raise your Giants big and strong
  • Play minigames to level up faster and breed rare Giants
  • Send Giants out to compete with other players and bring back gold and prizes
  • Visit Friends’ Realms and give each other gifts
  • Battle against your rivals and earn rewards