Flying Wisdom

Soaring Wisdom is the only platform to fully support Games as a Service (GaaS)

As active developers, we all know that modern Live Operations requires games to incorporate a diverse suite of client server features to be successful. Most publishers mix separate 3rd-party technologies that were never designed to be combined, developed by companies who have never made games and therefore don't understand real Live Operation requirements and realities, and this often proves to be inflexible, unscalable, and costly.

We built Soaring Wisdom to provide all necessary Live Ops functionality in a single comprehensive and cohesive platform. It can also expand at-will to fit individual client needs. And it's been running successfully since 2012.

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Client & Server Features

Profiles & Friends
Cloud Storage
Server-Side App Logic
Diverse Credentials
Multiplayer and Leaderboards
Multiple App Management

It all starts with identifying your users and their social circle to seed the data mine. Users are registered as soon as they launch your app for the first time. Authenticaiton is done anonymously and through standard authentication mechanisms such as Facebook, Game Center, Google Services, and Amazon.

Once the user is authenticated, we create automated, rich, individual user profiles, populated with demographic, social, behavioral, and in-app purchase data. As with anything in Soaring, attributes can be customized as needed to fit your specific needs.

All your application data is stored securely in the cloud, and Soaring has been deployed to a variety of hosting environments, so you are not locked into any hosting solution.

To run Live Operations you need to be able respond to data quickly. Your applications must be built to be data driven to allow you to tune, push new content, and launch Events at will from the server. This avoids the long and unpredictable submission and approval cycle.

Integration with Soaring insures that a client-server data driven model is built into your application.

Anonymous login, White label login, Google login, GameCenter login, Facebook login - Soaring can handle it all.

Application engagement, retention, and monetization (ERM) begins with building functionality and mechanics around a user's social circle. Multiplayer and Leaderboards are proven techniques for driving up ERM indexes.

Soaring was built to serve multiple applications on a single instance. This provides unique cross promotional marketing opportunities for publishers and developers. Additionly, your data mine just became much more valuable because you are able to analyze and compare user behavior across different applications.

Marketing and Promotion

News Feeds
Push Messaging
Custom Triggered Placements
Cross-Promotional Placements

News Feeds allow you to engage your users by making special announcements to your base, and if you have multiple applications hosted, you can inform users of events in your other applications. These are more descriptive than push messages and occur while the user is in the application.

Push Messaging is a standard for bringing your users back to your app. These messages are sent right to the user's home screen. We support iOS, Google, and Windows push messaging systems.

You can pre-define custom locations and conditions that will trigger in-app banner messages.

Want to notify your users of Events and Promotions occuring in your other apps? No problem. Soaring's power comes from hosting all your apps in a single instance so that you can perform functions like cross promotion.

Customer Relationship Management

Custom Profiles Displays
Currency Management
Remote Diagnosis & Repair
TOS Enforcement
Usage Statistics

Before you can support your users, you need to be able to see and analyze how they are using your application. Our customized profile displays allow you to diagnose their issues and see information about any user.

You need to keep your users happy, especially when play doesn't go as planned. The best way to do this is to reward your affected users with in-game currency. Using the Soaring portal, it's a snap to push them currency over the air.

You want to be able to support your users from any location. Through the Soaring web portal, you have access to all your users, which allows you to diagnose and repair their issues anywhere.

Unfortunately, not all users play by the rules. Sometimes you need to level the playing field by banning the cheaters. This can be done with a push of a button through the Soaring portal.

Monitor how your users are engaging and monetizing in your game.

Tracking and Analytics

Custom Reports
Measure & Track KPIs

Every game has unique mechanics and events. You need to be able to tailor your reporting to track the performance of your game. Automated email reports allow you to monitor how your game and events are performing.

DAU, ARPDAU, ARPPDAU, D1, D3, D7, D30, D60, Cohort Tables, Installs, Daily Revenue, Sessions, etc...we got it all.

Live-Ops Capabilities

A/Z Testing
Link Management
Over The Air Updates
Live Application Tuning
Automated Event Scripts
Versioned Repositories
Multiple IAP Bundles

A/B Testing is inefficient. Why limit yourself to two groups of users and two sets of data to test? The idea behind Live Ops is to test, iterate, and deploy. A/B limits your ability to do this, and the cycles are long, while A/Z Testing zeroes in on answers faster.

Web page URLs, EULA links, App Store links, App review links, Announcement links; these change all the time. There is nothing more embarrassing than a dead link. With Soaring, there is no need to submit a new client to update links. Instead, manage these through the portal and push the changes over the air.

This is the heart of Live Ops. If you cannot push changes to your app over the air, your ability to test changes and react to player response slows down to the point where you could lose your best users before you can tune your app to their liking.

The ability to immediately change tuning data to user applications is key to both improving game performance as well as immediately reacting to the unexpected.

The ability to execute app update event scripts -- more than just adding or changing content and tune data -- without engineering any code, is key to agile app management in the market.

Important in Live Ops is the ability to have unique data sets for different versions of the game that are live, or different skus. For example, we have a release ready, and flip the switch for Google Play, but this data cannot be made live for iOS users until the submitted build gets approved by Apple.

The ability to have multiple In App Purchase offerings in order to quickly and easily switch out IAP bundles, to change pricing for promotions or experimentation of all kinds.

Security Features

IAP Receipt Validation
Secure Server Protocols

One of the biggest reasons why publishers and developers have revenue data they cannot trust is because they have not verified purchases with Apple, Google, or Amazon. Soaring verifies receipts with all these platform providers on the backend. This means your revenue data is accurate and trustworthy.

Every communication between the client and server is encrypted and secure to prevent tampering and cheating.