Flying Wisdom

SpongeBob Moves In

After integrating Soaring Wisdom into Nickelodeon's flagship Builder game, we are now conducting extensive Live Ops, including: major feature additions, frequent new content releases, holiday features, plus real time community events!

Giant Realms: Battle Arena

This Free-to-Play Builder is a fusion of Dragonvale breeding, Pokemon battling, and a dash of Gacha -- with unique 3D animating Giants, including weekly boss battle events, multiplayer competitions, all on our Soaring Wisdom platform.

Yahoo Bingo

When Yahoo decided to reboot its Classic Games Web Portal and include mobile versions, we were chosen as one of the select few developers to make classic multiplayer games, starting with Bingo.

Zombie Toss

By combining the love of zombies with a slashing mechanic engine we developed and own, we created this original IP arcade game where players can slice and dice 3D zombies for culinary rewards, all Free to Play.


Developed with ad agency Mekanism for the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D, this arcade game included entering codes from Brisk Tea bottle caps to unlock new content and resulted in over 1.5 million downloads.

Another Monster at the End of This Book

We brought this innovative and award winning animated book from publisher Sesame Workshop to Android; winner of the 2012 Parents’ Choice Gold Award and the 2012 Appy Award for Best Book App!

Star Wars Imperial Academy

For publisher ngmoco:) and Lucasarts, we developed one of the early successful Free to Play games in this genre; a 3D first person shooter with synchronous multiplayer deathmatch games set in the Star Wars universe.

Safari Zoo

This appointment builder game we developed for publisher GLU Mobile was one of the first to feature fully 3D animating wild animals for players to tend within safari parks they built and decorated.


This original IP game developed for Social Gaming Network (SGN) was a featured iPad launch product with many firsts: a Free to Play third-person shooter with zero-gravity environments featuring synchronous multiplayer gameplay.

Mega Jump

We brought this hugely popular product from Get Set Games over to Android. "A standard-bearer for mobile gaming." - Destructoid. "The best casual endless game in the App Store" - "Incredibly addictive" - Gamezebo.